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Chuck Warren is a Prolific Utah Fundraiser and Businessman

February 14, 2019

From the perspective of Chuck Warren, Utah is absolutely the greatest state in the union. It was perhaps his love of Utah that led Republican Mia Love to choose him as her campaign finance co-chair in her successful run for Congress. He has an excellent  record as a prolific fundraiser and he certainly has a significant reputation as someone more than willing to take on the most difficult assignments and get the best results.

Chuck Warren has implemented many strategies that serve to raise awareness and bring success to many types of projects. He also has devised many strategies to raise awareness for many other programs and projects. For instance, he helped pass many regulatory changes to end many some of the worst financial practices, including the types that brought down the financial system in 2008. From his perch as managing director for Silver Bullet, LLC, his highly regarded consulting firm, Chuck Warren has dealt with issues in the areas of public affairs, crisis communication and initiative qualifications for multinational corporations, elite law firms, municipalities, developers and many other types of organizations.